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Teen Minds Matter  works with young people to improve their lives, so that they can reach the goals they want to achieve and feel good about themselves on their journey through the teenage years.

Youth Coaching is designed to encourage personal development in teenagers, while providing an outlet for stresses and anxieties. Helping teenagers develop life skills and learn how to manage stress.

The expectations teenagers have for themselves, as well as the pressure of fitting in with peers, growing up and thinking about the future can be a very difficult phase, being a teenager can feel like a never ending rollercoaster. Parenting a teenager can also feel the same.

Youth coaching with me can include areas of: setting new goals and achieving them, managing stress and anxiety, building confidence and self esteem, discussion of difficult areas and working on mood swings.

The teenage years can be a strange and difficult time for everyone involved.  During this time, the family dynamic can change dramatically. Teenagers begin to fight for their independence and parents fight to maintain control, this can easily seep into school life, affecting a young person’s education.

Every young person can respond to a difficulty in life differently. Where one child may express their thoughts and feelings, another may act out. A young person going through stress may repress their emotions; their behaviour may start to change as they may not feel they have anyone to talk to.

When going through these changes, it is important to let the young person know you are there for support. However, they may not feel confident enough to discuss their issues with you. This is where a youth coach can help – they are an impartial source of support who can listen and understand the challenges the young person is facing.

Youth coaching sessions can be as valuable as having extra Maths and English sessions to prepare for exams,  they are preparing young people to deal with whatever life throws at them.

This site has information on how coaching works, depending on whether you are a school looking for a coach to visit, a parent or a young person who would like to seek some support.

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