Youth coaching with me

While the adventure of growing up can be a wonderful and exciting time, young people as well as adults can experience difficulties in life.

The teenage years can be a strange and difficult time for everyone involved.  During this time, the family dynamic can change dramatically. Teenagers begin to fight for their independence and parents fight to maintain control, this can easily seep into school life, affecting education.

Every young person can respond to a difficulty in life differently. Where one child may express their thoughts and feelings, another may act out. A young person going through stress may repress their emotions; their behaviour may start to change as may not feel they have anyone to talk to.

When going through these changes, it is important to let the young person know you are there for support. However, they may not feel confident enough to discuss their issues with you. This is where a youth coach can help – they are an impartial source of support who can listen and understand the challenges the young person is facing.

Youth coaching with me can include areas such as:

Helping troubled teenagers get back on track

Encouraging a better work ethic

Helping young people deal with difficult or embarrassing issues

Supporting young people to handle and manage emotions

Discovering potential and setting goals to reach it

helping improve family dynamic

Discussing difficult areas of young people’s life, such as bullying

Encouraging positive student / teacher relationships

Managing stress and anxiety

Improving self esteem and building on confidence

Helping young people when reacting to authority

Supporting family during the teenage years

Giving young people the opportunity to talk about their relationships

Building on social skills

Helping young people leave with a new sense of motivation and a boost of inspiration

Encouragement to see the world from a fresh perspective


Why choose me?

A firm understanding of teenagers and how their minds work

Experience of working with young people with special education needs, looked after children, young people with poor behaviour and attachment disorder.

Trained in youth counselling

Trained in attachment and emotion coaching

Experience of supporting parents and teachers with this time of transition

I have 10 years experience of successful teaching at high schools and sixth forms and have Qualified Teacher Status along side a Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of Birmingham.

DBS checked

Registered member of Association for Coaching

Profiled in the Life Coach Directory

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